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Project In Running » Vietnam Is Still An Interesting Country For Foreign Investors In The Region ?

Dr. VAN - B. T R A N , Consultant

The 6th Meeting of the German-Vietnamese dialogue forum in March 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam was part of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) to Secretary of State level. This dialogue forum was an opportunity to improve the economic framework with Vietnamese companies, business partners and mainly Vietnamese government representatives to discuss and exchange views.

In recent times, we had the regular business opportunities missions to Vietnam / Asia carried out until early 2000, many foreign businessmen Vietnam as a country in which the state sector, almost all the economic development dominates, despite Vietnam's government is striving to the opening of the country move forward cautiously.

There is no doubt that Vietnam, given the developments of the last six years remains an attractive destination for foreign investment, second thing noticed that about his Vietnam has some advantages: (1) a stable political system, a central government, which is clearly willing to market opening process purposefully pursue ;

(2) favorable tax environment, and (3) yet cheap labor and wages, especially for the German investors, large human resources - which is a part, was educated in Germany, has worked and speaks German - (4) a variety of natural resources and a favorable geographic position in the region of Southeast Asia, where the dynamic economic development progresses. But it must not be forgotten that (a) non-transparent regulatory and administrative responsibilities of the so-called special institutions or departments, and (b) the occasional bit hesitant legislation and (c) the existing investment restrictions, and (d) the unimaginable corruption cause for concern

In addition, during the international integration process taking place in Vietnam at both regional and international levels to accelerate. The Vietnamese government officials are aware of the requirements of international integration needs, and Vietnam is in the process of its legal system at least for investment and trade to perfect! The Vietnamese legislator intend the new laws with an equal scope for companies in all industries, and thus the fences for investments eliminate. The unpleasant experience and a good lesson even-has in recent times the Vietnamese government and its representatives in the bilateral negotiations for accession to the World Trade Organization between the United States and Vietnam to the WTO-accession collected enough 

We hope that after the Investment and Corporate Law, in force from 01.Juli.2006 the rights of investors - Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) - are extended.

This new law reaffirms that investors in many sectors and industries can invest, which the law does not prohibit. The investors are independent and they may even on investment projects on the basis of compliance with the statutory provisions decide. The investors are free to choose on the form, scope and investment partners. The investors may include one or more industrial sectors in parallel registered let them have access to investment resources and they are free of capital transfer to other people, and free for project changes, they have access to important information and the right to claim and ads. The state assured the domestic and foreign investors from various industries - whether private, state or foreign firms - are treated equally. Nor are the forms of investment has been extended to foreign investors or companies can actually any form of business.

Vietnam needs more than USD 4 billion of new investments for transportation, water, sanitation, telecommunications and electricity; currently lies with the Ministry of Industry before a plan, 22 hydropower plants and heating plants in over 11 whole Vietnam by 2020 to build. Far fewer than half of the above sum can be done by the government and official development assistance (ODA) funding

Concerning to the engagement and recent development of renewable energy branch, some licenses for establishing of wind farm have been issued , with guarantee on the availability of wind turbines, accepting the electricity purchase agreement, and by ensuring that the projections of the wind speed at the site are based on the best data available, by different provincial governments in the middle-Vietnam, i.e. Ninh Thuan Province, Binh Thuan province and Phu Quoc island respectively.

There were times in the last few meetings,
these German-Vietnamese dialogue forum was developed by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is very welcome the consultative forum of group in Hanoi and Hochiminh City, the internationally.

Hopefully, the advice or opinions of the advisory group and the foreign business by the efficiency of the forum and found instead of following the high profile meetings to meet you.

According to the opinion of many foreign friends and oversea Vietnamese experts, are the loss of the bureaucracy, the unbelievable corruption and the dominance of the state sector prerequisites for a healthy development of the country. This is also exactly right for the case of Vietnam today

Furthermore, the current question is still open when the transformation from a planned economy, which so far in Vietnam as a product of Marxism-Leninism is in the market economy in Vietnam successfully managed to complete is. According to the agreement between the U.S. delegation and Vietnamese representatives in the negotiation for WTO accession is expected in a twelve-year period! We all hope that Vietnam by then it might actually create.


Remark : Dr.-Ing. Van-Binh TRAN, since 1992 has been working with the DVT*Dr Van Tran & Partner Consulting Corp. ; He is an ordinary member of EUROSOLAR e.V. , Bonn and the member of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Dr. TRAN had been as Member of Directors of Deutsch-Asiatischer Wirtschaftkreis (DAW) in Frankfurt/M., Landes Hessen, Germany



GTZ Wind Energy

Hunger Hydraulik

WCRE * World Council for Renewable Energy


Deutsch-Asiatischen Wirtschaftskreis e.V.



CIGB ICOLD Hanoi 2010

Water Resources University

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