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 by Dr. Van-Binh TRAN, Consultant

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency): In preparation for the conference organization founded IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency in January 2009 with representatives of 82 countries in the world, met in Bonn, former capital of Germany. And establish formal conference took place on June 29th. - June 30th. 2009 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt and up to now , December 31st., 2009 the government of 138 countries in the world have represented up to the general notice and agree to the purpose and content of IRENA activities, such as those nearly ¾ human life on this planet realize the importance and support the good purpose of this new organization.

For the results, in fact to the success of the setting-up this new international organization we can say there is a greate contribution by Dr. Hermann Scheer; his action "fight" with goodwill and great determination, with the tireless patience of his from the early decades of the 90th century before! From the year, exactly on January 15th. 1990, in a transparent directory (Memorandum) has been presented at the United Nations Council he took the initiative, suggesting : the world should have international organizations IRENA ; Dr. Hermann Scheer, during many years has been as EUROSOLAR president, as chairman of the organization WCRE (World Council for Renewable Energy), who was nominated to the position of Foundation President IRENA, in present time there are many countries around the world are members of the new organization; Aspects of purpose IRENA's work: Organization for International Renewable Energy Agency has a mandate to promote the widespread, accepted increasing and using all forms of renewable energy production in a sustainable manner, particularly as biomass energy, geothermal, hydro power, ocean, solar and wind energy. This organization has 138 members, including 46 countries in Africa, six of Europe - plus the European Union (EU) - 32 from Asia, 14 from America and 9 from Australia / Asian Ocean. The main objective of IRENA want to become a center of international renewable energy knowledge and as a strong and effective voice of resources for renewable energy . IRENA cooperation among its members to create conditions where and is the cooperation with their organizations that promote the use of renewable energy. IRENA organizations help their members with information relevant energy as statistics, technical data, market data, economic data, data resource potential renewable and information on procedures, the energy policy, helping to create a map and frame design "scenario" of the developed plant. Based on the knowledge available, provide Irena v facilitate technology transfer, finance, capacity building, training in renewable energy for and at the member countries.

Man appreciates, welcomes the birth of the organization IRENA very much but the people do more disappointed of the outcome of the Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen in october through december 2009 ! Look for things related to the International Summit on Climate Change - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) -: In the running race against time to save our earth danger was open many new relations to the force in the state of the national communication. At the international conference APEC in Thailand, the United States of America and China as to impose the viewpoint and calendar with the rest of the world about the President Barrack Obama and President Hu Jintao rejected his two terms for too "hard bondages" to the last minute and then both he expressed the goodwill; The European Union (EU) in Brussels / Belgium, from the beginning, they have set out ambitious goals for reduction 20% of CO2 emissions, cause harmful effects such as glass, in 2020 and hopefully convince more partners around the world. Acknowledged the efforts of the heads of many countries before the meeting time: The present of U.S. President, Barack Obama in Copenhagen is not a job which has not intentionally, he had the same discussion with China´s leader before, he also spent time to discuss seriously on environment in recent days as Prime Minister to India in the capital Washington DC.

Demonstration after Copenhagen Conference

French president to pick the president in Brazil during a visit to visit the past and then President Sarkozy to Manaus, the largest city in the Amazonian region, ,- this was dubbed Paris tropics , the place more primitive forest, the lungs of the earth - to persuade countries in the region together "to a higher goal for expected climate change conference in Copenhagen. Parallel to the Minister of Environment of France was sent to China and to talk with leaders in Beijing about the climate & environment.

Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel and her government officials has already spent a lot of time for this hot topic! Many of the head of state have put so much effort, first by the environment and climate problem today related to the survival of man, of all mankind on the situation of both a model of development, design outlines for the future generations. Contributing to the pollution, protect the environment clean will be a long-term process, very expensive, higher cost more money and effort. However, no country wanted to be responsible for failure of the international summit on climate change (IPCC).

Public opinion around the world are waiting for concrete results from the Copenhagen Conference, the world is ready for production workers in the technology "green and clean". and as they are in any diplomatic effort to avoid being crashed into the isolated, lost prestige. Press that objectives of 17% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2020 compared with 2005 levels of less than ! In the words as a diplomat in Europe is: 17% reduction targets CO2 is a commitment with calculated "actual & feasible" and that decision has forced a country like China must also be up free record on the environment.
According trend of evolution of humanity, today many unions, organizations and personal advancement in the world always struggle, protest activities and policies of any political trends that have intentions use nuclear fuel to serve the war ; They are of normal persons who have human hearts than popular affection peace, hate terrorist acts, causing bloodshed, war, they also love the nature, cherish critical habitat of the human and they also feel a responsibility to the land, the rivers, the ocean, scenes and the environment in which they are living; as a French scholar once wrote: "We not inherit the land of the ancestors, but we just borrowing of our children only ! "

Note: (*) Dr. Ing. Tran Van Binh, since 1991, has been working as Managing Director of DVT * Dr. Van Tran & Partner Consulting Co. Ltd. ; He currently is a member of the EUROSOLAR in Europe and Germany, Member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is a former member of the Board of Directort of the Deusche-Asiatische Wirtschaftskreis GERMANY - ASIA (DAW) State of Hessen, Germany


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