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Written by Dr. TRAN VAN BINH , Senior Consultant * Member of WCRE

Scientists and intellectuals in the country as well as abroad (including of Prof. Nguyen Duy Nhan in France) appreciate decided to stop, by Congress and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , the project to build nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan prov. -Central coastal region of Vietnam- !!! The first time that the Administration has consulted and listened to the opinions of a population ?? !!. At the same time, there have been many voices suggested there should be a change of the energy strategy of folding to avoid accidental power shortages of the country.

Should change the density (%) of electricity produced from Renewable Energy Sources in national electricity development program period 2011-2020, known as the Electric Plan VII, Figure 5.6% is very unpretentious, if not too low !

Stanford University, California, USA has just announced a pretty significant research, including that: 139 countries of the world can use 100% of the new and renewable energy by 2050. In it, solar cells have great potential, which can provide up to 20 times the power needs for the entire planet, earth where humans live. In addition the company Tesla, Calif. USA. inventors, patent a type of roofing tiles of the house can capture light energy like the solar cells (Solar tile, Solar roof). The Western European energy experts argue that, today, is the energy model should follow the method of management hierarchy, shrinking each area, each region, each town and villages, communities should be encouraged to support become power producers, energy. According to a recent study, to 2050, half (50%) population of Europe can produce a renewable power section and the like -that is- will satisfy, satisfy the electricity needs of nearly 50% of the whole Europe. Switch to renewable energy is the best way to deal with the phenomenon of climate change and the greenhouse effect. Many intellectuals and scientists also said that: this is the best way to catch the digital economy, green economy, aiming to build the sustainable development of the municipality's smart (Smart City).

Barriers and difficulties?
According to our opinion, our country's energy policy should go in the progress of the countries of the world today, should thoroughly saving, efficient use of energy, tapping all sources of renewable energy, such as wind energy, solar, biomass, geothermal and ocean/waves energy !!!. Which difficulties and barriers also would be for the errection and development of the RENEWABLE ENERGY sector in Vietnam:
1./ Energy losses in Vietnam nowadays very large, close to 30%. According to experts in the industry: an optimal solution to the problem is the use of maximum energy saving and thoroughly exploit renewable energy sources.
2./ The Government does not have jet preferential policies, support helping for entrepreneurs, investors borrowed capital to build the renewable energy works.
3./ The Division of Responsibility (e.g. MOIT, Vietnam Electricity Corporation -EVN-) have yet to see the setting-up and industry development is the National Program, Renewable Energy Industry even underestimated !
4./ Purchase price & selling electricity (Feed-in-Tarif, FIT) from the renewable energy sources, particularly from wind power, let's lift up 10.50 cent US/kwh up to 12.00 cent US/kwh. Now if your buy/sell price comparisons with other countries in the region, the Vietnams worth is almost the lowest, just over India. This is the main reason, it explains the situation: why more than 52 projects to build wind power farms (wind power plant) from 2009 until now only has four (4) scheme has become works, true power, power supply, connected to the national network ! the rest remained bitty on the drawing board !!!

5./No change density (%) of electricity produced from renewable energy sources, the renewable energy products in national development power program period 2011-2020 ? Vietnam's Government does not yet have specific plans, programmes, policies and development priorities for the sector to gradually replace fossil energy sources. Yet increasing the proportion (%) renewable energy such as wind energy, solar, biomass, geothermal, ocean waves.

6./The Government should more actively support and create favourable conditions for the advent of specialized associations, according to our experience (in abroad, for example in Germany), the main organization of the community, of the masses -but have experience in professionally- this will do good advice , proposed the same comments – review -, and advise to the relevant authorities soon to improve the legal framework for the energy sector and further progress to complete building the Renewable Energy Law/Act of Vietnam respectively!

In addition, there should be a «Music Derigent» have enthusiasm, has a long term view and for a “symphony energy”: thought, should have a central agency responsible for Renewable Energy (responsible and competent to map out strategy, created the legal framework, laws, is really the Central Advisory Agency); There should be a "conductor» passenger range, reliable, competent in the field of energy, enough of a visionary and to assertive, directed a great policy for energy including renewable energy. The manager of this organization has the ability to change the structure, the organization of the energy sector, capable of limited liability, zoned and clipped the powers have unique properties, current and exclusive for the batoka brake action is abusing powers, advantages available to "rock the roll" that goes beyond the field of , industry expertise and responsibility, the focus of their activities.
To build fast and sustainable development of Renewable Energy , should see this as a NATIONAL POLICY. The day the Leader and the Division of Responsibility has not changed thinking, lack of mind and yet have the foresight, the hurdles are still difficult, still abound. ./.

The books have been already published !

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(HCM-City, Vietnam in March 2017)
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